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The Second Best Show

The Second Best Show

Here at The Second Best Show, we’re all about second place. Join Bobby, Ori, and Sam as we decide the second best of a new topic every episode!

Recent Episodes

Season 3 Starts Next Week!

Sept. 29, 2022

Hello, friends! Join us next week as we bring you all new episodes of The Second Best Show! We’re vibrating head to toe with excitement, see you next Wednesday! Follow Us : Web | Twitter | Instagram

In Hindsight, That was a Mistake

July 3, 2022

Topic: Second Best National Monument! Pack up the station wagon and get ready for a road trip, we're talking National Monuments! Bobby appreciates solid ground, Ori finds a creative use for a piano, and Sam forgets that Subm…


CSI Valhalla

May 18, 2022

Topic: Second Best Popular Misconception! Take out your magnifying glass and encyclopedia, we're talking popular misconceptions! Bobby wears a led vest in the kitchen, Sam twice dares his co-hosts to a dangerous game of tag,…

Movies Tech

Pew Pew Pew

May 12, 2022

Topic: Second Best Sci-Fi Spaceships! Strap into the captains chair and arm the blasters, we're talking sci-fi spaceships! Bobby shops around for the right crew, Sam forgets about refrigerators, and Ori teaches us geometry. …

Best Of Food Nonsense

Spring Loaded Bed

April 22, 2022

Topic: Second Best 2-in-1 Product! Fold up that sofa bed and put away the monte cristo, we're talking second best 2-in-1 product! Bobby is in search of soft ears, Sam has a questionable big sandwich strategy, and Ori has a n…


Wheels on the Bus

April 6, 2022

Topic: Second Best School Subject! Open your three ring binder and get out the college ruled paper, we're talking second best school subjects! Bobby contains multitudes, Ori says no thank you to running a mile, and Sam learn…

Bonus Nonsense


April 1, 2022

Good Morning Mayhem Nation! It's a weekday morning and that means it's time to wake up and get jacked with Dusty Dickens and Vape McCloud! Let's do it!


Wedge Sandwich

March 23, 2022

Topic: Second Best Discontinued Fast Food Menu Items! Get in the p'zone and move your shame to the side, we're talking discontinued fast food menu items! Bobby can fry anything he sets his mind to, Ori is a big cheese guy, a…

Music Movies Nonsense

Mud Flaps on my Roomba Feet

March 9, 2022

Topic: Second Best Way to Blow a Million Bucks! Open your wallet and liquidate those assets because we're talking second best way to blow a million bucks! Bobby is deep inside the Tom Clancy-verse, Ori isn't looking to cut a…


BONUS: Kitchen Nightmares

March 4, 2022

Hello friends! Here’s just a quick bonus bite to say start your day off right. What’s your no-budge kitchen rule? Let us know at ! Follow Us : Web | Twitter | Instagram

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Video game professional, game master, and pop culture connoisseur.

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