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Sept. 28, 2021

Gone Gals

Gone Gals

Topic: Second Best Movie Twist!

In this episode of The Second Best Show, we find out who would win: two Batmans or one Wolverine? We discuss who sucks more, the goner girl or the goned boy. We ask Mark Ruffalo to decide who does and doesn't get a lobotomy, and we let a few things dangle.

Bobby wants to get The Game'd for his birthday and Ori and Sam are happy to oblige, we'll just need some cash upfront.

Sam can't summarize a movie to save his life, Ori gives a treat to Michael Douglas, and Bobby - like an AI - reconstructs what he thinks a movie is about based on what he's heard about it.

Warning! This episode contains spoilers for a bunch of movies we call out early on, and baffling Boston accents. Be safe out there.

Slam some Wahlburgers and grab a Dunkin, it's time to decide the second best movie twist!

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