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Oct. 19, 2021

Foom Goes the Dynamite

Foom Goes the Dynamite

Topic: Second Best Cryptid!

This week your hosts attempt to settle several mysteries as we continue our dive into spooky month. Why are Bobby and Sam terrified of lil things? What does Ori have against bloodthirsty koalas? What goes into a second best last name? Hop on Nessie and join us as we decide the second best Cryptid!

Mothman is just trying to help and nobody will listen. Your hosts try their best to fill in Slenderman's backstory. Bobby defends the mob (only for a moment), Ori suspects foul play in the bracket, and Sam tells a tale of horror in South Jersey!

Ori tests Sam and Bobby's knowledge of obscure and important comic book characters, and dear listener I'm not sure we'll ever look at ice cream the same.

And as always we consider your feedback and corrections. Keep it coming!

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